Friday, October 23, 2009

Remember This One?

Spiders (Intercord Edition)
Heard the tune The Female of The Species in the background of the recent Brit zombie/comedy movie DogHouse. I used to have it somewhere but had to go dig for it in outer space. Still a very cool song.
Review by Alex Henderson
Quirky and often highly clever, Space had one of the most appealing alternative rock releases of 1996 in Spiders -- which grossed some listeners out with a cover depicting tarantulas. This eccentric, risk-taking band (not to be confused with the late-'70s disco group Space) doesn't take itself too seriously, and brings an enjoyably twisted sense of humor to such goofy numbers as "Female of the Species" (an ode to a lover who practices witchcraft), "Mr. Psycho," and "Voodoo Roller." Space's inspirations range from hip-hop to brooding East European folk, which is incorporated with inspired results on "Money" and "Lovechild of the Queen." To be sure, the rockers can be overly self-indulgent, but like Frank Zappa and George Clinton, generally use their eccentricity advantageously. [Intercord reissued the album as a 14-track edition in 1997.]
1 Neighbourhood
2 Mister Psycho
3 Female of the Species
4 Money
5 Me & You vs. The World
6 Lovechild of the Queen
7 No-One Understands
8 Voodoo Roller
9 Drop Dead
10 Dark Clouds
11 Major Pager
12 Kill Me
13 Charlie M
14 Growler
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