Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Band Who Would Not Sing

The Charles Napiers
Killing Time

The Charles Napiers were a 'Mondo Wray' instrumental band that existed from 1991 to 2005. In those 14 years we NEVER played a single vocal number. Can you name any other instrumental band who resisted the temptation of the microphone for that length of time? No, thought not. And other than a couple of regrettable drunken occasions, we never spoke between songs. The reason why? Because there's nothing worse than watching a decent band on stage but having to put up with some tool saying 'This next one's called blah blah blah, hope you like it' or some similar cobblers.



01. Harry Sledge [Toe Rag 1994]
02. Moon Over Shoreditch [Toe Rag 1994]
03. Blue Onions [Toe Rag 1994]
04. Don Juan [Toe Rag 1994]
05. Sultan Of Sentiment [Toe Rag 1994]
06. Eight Minus One [Toe Rag 1995]
07. Things've Changed Round Here [Toe Rag 1995]
08. Rianna Scipio Theme [Toe Rag 1994]
09. The Green Ray [Toe Rag 1996]
10. Dragnet [Toe Rag 1996]
11. Full Inch Of Tongue [Toe Rag 1995]
12. Bounds Green City Limits [Toe Rag 1995]
13. Faceful Of Pasta [Toe Rag 1996]
14. The Missing Link [Toe Rag 1995]
15. The Sinister IV [Pathway 1998]
16. Fucked Up Fords [Pathway 1998]
17. The Jap Spy [Pathway 1998]
18. Eat Lead [Pathway 1998]


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