Sunday, October 25, 2009

Trippin' To The Brazilian Beats

Au Vivo No Lino's

Formed by veteran musicians Mutant Cox [guitar, also a member of Hillbilly Rawhide, Sick Sick Sinners, Psycho Classics, V8 and the Catalépticos], Mark [Guitar, former Stanley Dix, another member of the Hillbilly Rawhide and Folk Trio], Mr. X [low, former Kozmic Gorillas] and Coelio [drums, also ex-kozmic Gorillas, is a member of The Boys and the Chinese duo Fabyote Y Coeyote], the tidal waves came up with a proposal to rescue the classic surf music of the 60s . Since then he has performed frequently in nightclubs most renowned of the city, and shows the south and southeast. Being an instrumental band also influenced the choice of instruments of musicians, who seek the fidelity of the 60s. For this, the guitars are covered with sounds typical of the time, high notes and reverb SuperIntensiv. However, what really draws attention is the empathy that musicians have with the public, making virtually all people dance during the concerts. In 2004 the quartet released their first official album, entitled Baile. The work brings ten songs by the author and had the help of friends and sponsors. However, they had already released the first CD recording of the band in 2003. The demo Live at Lino's, which has 25 songs and five original compositions, was made for the Tsunami could begin to disseminate the work in nightclubs in the city. The public soon adopted and the musicians began to market the album, selling nearly a million copies. The band also participated in the project The Great Garage What Records. The project goal is to record audio and video in some bands curitibanas in the garage of a studio [Sheriff], which was transformed into a black box equipped with sound and light quality. The audio is recorded live and the first copies of the discs are sold immediately after the show with an initial print run of 35 copies. At the end of 2006 was released the compilation "Reverb Brazil: A collection of surf bands", with the participation of 13 bands of Santa Catarina, Parana, Sao Paulo, Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro and Bahia, and is a small sample the production of the surf music scene in Brazil, are present in the collection of two songs Tsunamis: Anonymous Surfer and Tsunami. In early 2007 the band played in GDP (festival of instrumental music) in SP and meanwhile the Tsunami continue to cause major waves of dance at night in cities.
01 Tiki Man / Planet Claire
02 You Don't Scare Me / Voodoobillyman
03 Thee Mighty Jaws
04 Baile
05 Return of Ethel Merman
06 Hot Line
07 Damaged Goods
08 Maremoto
09 Osama
10 Raining Blood(Intro) / Ma Johnson Meets the Razorback
11 Folk Jovem
12 Revenge of el Trio Los Bastardos
13 Surf Rider
14 Surfista Anônimo
15 You're Wondering Now
16 Hot Foot
17 Greensleaves
18 Perdi Você
19 Die World
20 Runaway
21 Exodus
22 Ghost Riders in the Sky
23 Bubble Bee Twist
24 Batman
25 Theme from 'The Hypnotist'
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Guillermo said...

Mate, its a really really good album, but i think some tracks have mixed names, i mean, “Return of Ethel” rounds like “Exodus”, “Osama” sounds like “Batman”, and “Damaged Goods” sounds like “Bubble bee twist”, i think

Thank you in advance! =)

Trustar said...


You're right. I took the tracklist straight from the album cover but I guess they had them mixed up there.

Good eye! er.. ear