Saturday, October 24, 2009

Don't Touch That Dial!

Los Straitjackets
Mas alla del Limite
Only @ 128 but well worth the d/l
Served courtesy of surfmexico. Gracias mi amigo.

The album called "The Outer Limits", second live album, and album that was done in Mexico and also was distributed only in Mexico ...
With the cover art by Jorge Alderete
Edited by Isotonic Records (2008)
Recorded at the Great American Music Hall San Francisco, California

"Nothing is happening to your TV. Now we control the transmission. We can make you see anything that our imagination conceives. During the next hour will control everything you see and hear. You are about to experience the vertigo of the mystery expands from the depths of his mind to beyond the limit ... "
1- intro
2- outta gear
3- state fair
4- casbah
5- calhoun surf
6- itchy chicken
7- can you dig it?
8- kawanga
9- university blvd.
10- rockula
11- isn't love grand
12- tempest
13- tailspin
14- pacifica
15- sing sing sing
16- out of limits
17- theme from magnificent 7
18- theme from midnight cowboy
19- batman
20- sleepwalk
21- telstar
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