Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wisconson's Own Surf Dynamos

The Dynamic Subarashii
The Dynamic Subarashii
For Stef
The Dynamic Subarashii is made up of Jim Butler on guitar, Rick Kubly on bass and Steve Dougherty on drums. Their self-titled CD was recorded in 1999 and has twenty-two tracks, including eight originals. A brief twenty-third track consists of the ocean washing ashore. The recordings were made at Allegro Studios in Janesville, WI, with final mixing at Boombox Productions in Madison, WI. The overall quality is excellent.


1 Tsunami Sunrise
2 Walk, Don't Run '64
3 The Cruel Sea
4 Penetration
5 Tex-Mex Surf
6 Nutty
7 Rock The Surf
8 Mission Impossible
9 Cowboy Surf
10 Apache
11 Misirlou
12 Slaughter On Tenth Avenue
13 Journey To The Stars
14 Bumble Bee Twist
15 The Rushin' Bee
16 Moonlight Over Mombasa
17 Out Of Limits
18 Pipeline
19 Rap City
20 Surf The Casbah
21 Surf Rider
22 Sunset Rider
23 Waves
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garage 66 & mojo repair shop said...

Thanks Trustar!
I didn't even know about 'em.
I must have been sleeping. They will appear on a podcast of Wisconsin music now! You're my hero.

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