Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Psychobilly To The Bone

The Dead Tones
Six Feet Down... And Rising
Rippered @ a stiff 320 by zomlove

The Dead Tones are a group of ghouls who play raucous rot\'n\'roll to the beat of a different drum (voodoo drums to be exact)! Like a rocket ship from Mars, heading towards the sun, the Dead Tones are inspired by all things weird and creepy. Some have said that after a Dead Tones performance, they can no longer feel their limbs and their minds have been dissolved into a zombie-like GHOUL-ash. I predict that this phenomenon wont stop until the Dead Tones are finally sent back to where they came from. Where did they come from? Well, that is a different terror tale all together.

1. You Dismember Me
2. Dead Alive
3. Real Gone Monster
4. Waiting For The Grave
5. Creep With Me
6. Pine Box Blues
7. It Came From The Shower Floor
8. I Dig Your Grave
9. Go Witch Go
10. I, Madman
11. Something Weird
12. Murder Bop



barkingdog said...

Yay psychobilly!!

Many thanx for this one T.

Cheers...the dog.