Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Viva Kanibales!

Los Kanibales Surf Combo
Cuidado Mutantes

Servido con amor por la exótica Lady Puaj
The band was born as a trio in February 2003 in Santiago, Chile, determined to Surf Instrumental music style popular in the early 60 .. s. -- During April 2003 they recorded an EP (promo) of 3 subjects and during October ep is their first record called "TERROR ON THE BEACH" .- In 2004 it includes a 4 member Roy Kanibal, guitar and vocals, resulting in a repertoire and not only based on instrumental, but with all the music you enjoy these mutants. They also appear in those days in a compilation called INSTRO.LATIN.O.RAMA "Exotic Latin sounds with bands from across South America and Spain published by the Mexican label .- Isotonic Records In November 2005 they recorded a new e.p. HVO studies in Valparaiso called "Road to Little Hell" which also contains 8 tracks and continue rotating through various stages in the capital and regions.Arrived in 2006 suffered some changes in training but continue with a string of presentations around the country and appear in a new compilation this time in Peru called "SOUND DEXTROZOS. During the first half of 2007 continue to give a good amount of gigs in different places and in June of that year the band took a new recess q leave them off the track until 2008 where they met again to record and give lots presentations, is also included in this new stage a keyboard to give the band a new sound. During his career the band has performed successfully in countries like Argentina, Mexico and much of cities in Chile.
1 Cuidado Mutantes
2 El Timindo Twist
3 Roquerio Mortal
4 Una Illusion
5 Arena En Tus Ojos
6 Rey De Tablista
7 Y Dire Te Quiero
8 Mi Hermanita Mayor

Kanibales Surf Combo - El Tímido Twist from 3DIASMEDIA on Vimeo.


Brandonio! said...

I posted their first album on my site so I'm already impressed to say the least.

ladypuaj said...

Muchos saludos Trustar, mejoraré la calidad de las imagenes, besos!!