Friday, September 11, 2009

The Early Days

Just watched this flick again the other night. Well worth the time to d/l and view.
Plot Synopsis
The Beatles' early days as a struggling bar band are depicted in this fact-based drama, which tells the little-known story of original member Stuart Sutcliffe (Stephen Dorff). A close friend of John Lennon, Sutcliffe acts as the band's original bassist, accompanying them on their early gigs in Liverpool and Hamburg, Germany. The friendship becomes strained, however, when Sutcliffe falls in love with a German art student and starts to question his commitment to the band. With Sutcliffe's story taking center stage, the stories of the more famous Beatles largely fade into the background. The exception is John Lennon, thanks to a fierce performance by Ian Hart, who had previously portrayed the musician in the more intimate and provocative The Hours and the Times. While Backbeatdoes provide a new perspective on the band's beginning, and numerous opportunities for a group of modern rock musicians to recreate the band's energetic early performances, it never makes Sutcliffe's story seem more than a footnote to musical history.

Links corrected (thanks Fathermosh!)
Get these: HERE HERE HERE and HERE
You must download all four .rar files.
Unless you speak French, make sure to select the English audio file.


Fathermosh said...

Can't quite figure out how these links work...

Trustar said...


You must download all four .rar files. You can then extract the film by double-clicking the first file.


Trustar said...

My bad Fathermosh

Clipped the files from Rapidshare BETA and did not check them first.
Sorry 'bout that.

All good now.