Wednesday, September 16, 2009

This Moves Me

About Autoramas:
AUTORAMAS was the brain child of GABRIEL THOMAZ the first gig happened in 1998 and as quick as they could get a second gig together they already had a fan base in Brazils alternative rock scene. Brazilian press wrote about how powerful they are live and how they are a blend of B-52s, DEVO, DICK DALE and THE VENTURES, these comparisons began in 2001 when they played Rock in Rio and opened for bands like MUDHONEY and PIXIES. AUTORAMAS have released 3 very unique albums Stress, Depressão & Síndrome do Pânico (STRESS, DEPRESSION AND PANIC SYNDROME) in 2000, Vida Real (REAL LIFE in 2001) and Nada Pode Parar os Autoramas (NOTHING CAN STOP THE AUTORAMAS) in 2003. An exclusive album Full Speed Ahead was released in Japan where they played a sold out tour with GUITAR WOLF in 2002. After that, they made tours in Argentina and Chile and Uruguay. AUTORAMAS won three prizes in the last MTV MUSIC AWARDS in Brazil in 2005. It was the first time in MTV Brazil history where an Independent band won more prizes than any other artist. In 2007 a new album was released, "Teletransporte" (TELEPORTATION). This album was elected Record Of The Year by TramaVirtual, Brazil's most important mp3 website with a team of music critics.



1 Mundo Moderno
2 Fazer Acontecer
3 A 300 KMH
4 Marketeirio
5 Hotel Cervantes
6 Ja Cansei De Te Ouvir Falar
7 Identificao
8 Surtei
9 Eu Mereco
10 Muito Mais
11 Digoro
12 Panair Do Brasil
13 O Inesperado
14 Guitarrada
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barkingdog said...

Get unexpected end of archive as the RAR file only contains 8 of the 14 tracks.

Any chance of the rest.

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barkingdog said...

Thanks for the new file.

Cheers...the dog.