Sunday, June 07, 2009

Up Lost Lake Without A Paddle

Lost Lake
Without A Paddle

Lost Lake is comprised of four musical veterans of the San Francisco music scene. Lost Lake's music draws from elements of classic sixties surf and rock instrumental bands such as the Ventures and the Shadows, psychedelia, rockabilly twang and free improvisation. The result is a moody brew that sounds both modern and familiar. Or, as one fan described the music, "The Ventures meet David Lynch."
Phil Dirt, Reverb Central, August 1999 San Francisco's latest addition to the envelope edge excursion team. Lost Lake harbor references to the Mermen, the Reventlos, Pollo Del Mar, Captain Beefheart, and the surf. Their unique brand of slightly psychedelicized surf-rock instro music is both serious and fun, haunted and crystalline. This fine new CD is not for the trad folks, but will certainly please those comfortable at the edge.
"... this is nice. It sports exotica rhythms, smooth surfy 'n' sun melody lines, haunted island imagery, and major staying power. This is a real sleeper. It's not high powered, but it demands attention, from the cool beat and suave tone to the whammy and promise of romance"
1 Not Sorry Enough
2 Loser's Retreat
3 Clownslide
4 Still Life with Fool
5 Sirens
6 Dead Skin Circus
7 Under the Line
8 Sometimes
9 Del Fernando
10 Wreck of the Mary Hope
11 Lago Perdido
12 Better Go
13 Flinch