Saturday, June 06, 2009

Sip A Cool Coconut Drink And Dig It

Another Sunday, Another Not The Same'ol Same'ol Special, Another Way To Get Your Groove On.

Try it, you'll like it.

King Kukulele and The Friki Tikis

Denny Moynahan, whose stage name is King Kukulele, is a comedian, actor and ukuleleist with inexorable energy who has performed around the world, singing hapa haole and novelty songs. Wearing Hawaiian shirt, straw hat, ersatz grass skirt and lei, he has opened Hollywood premieres and performed at Disneyland, Universal Studios, other venues. He composed a promotional song about tropical fruits and fish for the Orange County Fair, as well as "I Don't Eat Poop," a song written for the California Board of Public Health as part of a campaign to discourage the spread of human waste at public beaches. The latter song was not used. But check out the genius of the King here at his personal site.


1 The Friki Tikis
2 Gonna Have a Luau
3 Otto's Odyssey
4 Shakalolo
5 Fish, Fruits and Nuts
6 Hula Maidens
7 Hawaiian Butterfly
8 When I'm Alone
9 You and Me
10 I Ko Aloha
11 Rainbow
12 Tikian



marty said...

this is the best i have heard in a very long time. Yet another genre i have been exposed to!!! Can't thank you enough

Troy McClure said...

I like tio cover - will download!

Thanks, dude