Monday, June 01, 2009

Light Up One Of These

Bondi Cigars
Bad Weather Blues

It's been a long time since a fully blown blues album by an Aussie band has made the national charts. This seems sure to change with the release of Bad Weather Blues by the Bondi Cigars. Out now on Larrikin, the Cigars have unleashed a scorching set of blues and rock numbers that more than match the white blues bands coming out of the USA on such famous labels as Alligator, Rounder and Black Top.

Most of the album tracks are Pacey/Karski compositions, rather than tired old covers that most blues acts seem to rely on. Les Karski's guitar work confirms his status as one of this country's very best - smoky on the slow numbers and full of fire on the rockers. The opening track Booze Blues, a driving rocker, sets the tone for the album; but the Cigars also show they're adept at bluesy ballads with track three, Lies and Tenderness. BLACK'S BEAT, THE DAILY PLAN-IT (Dan Black)


1 Booze Blues
2 You're a Mystery
3 Lies and Tenderness
4 Path Is Clear
5 Medley (Old Grey Mare/killing Floor)
6 Bad Weather Blues
7 You Get That
8 Calling Card
9 Let Me Rubber Glove You
10 The Pain
11 Problem
12 All I Want Is Everything
13 Brushed



DirtyDave07 said...

the expression "bondi cigar" refers to the visual likeness to the human waste that can be found floating in the surf ,expelled from the sewage outlet out off of bondi beach ....just a bit of trivia for ya.

Trustar said...

Thanks DDave

Glad I don't smoke!

It's kind of like sharks out here. You know that there could be some around but you try not to think about it when your in the water.

Gives the phrase "riding a log" a whole new meaning.


DirtyDave07 said...

is that why those heavy duty wetsuits worn in the colder areas are called "steamers"?