Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Don't Get Bent About It

The Bent Scepters
Blind Date With Destiny
The Bent Scepters began in 1991 as a side project to several "serious" indie bands. As the group's popularity grew, the original projects melted away, leaving only the Scepters. As the members honed their act, the band's ability to rev up a crowd with its ear-shattering, high-octane garage rock became legendary. Over the course of the next eight years, the band released a cassette, several vinyl singles and eventually three compact discs, in support of which, the band would play shows from Los Angeles to Manhattan and all points in-between. The band's serious touring days came to an end in 1999 when organist White moved to France. Upon his return two years later, the group began to play occasional reunion shows.
Take It Like a Man
You'll Be Sorry Now
The Warning
Eagle Has Landau
Chinese Burn
Come On Baby
Harry Palmer
No Way Down
Dirty Old Man
I think this is an early release as there is a little bit different tracklist and cover.


Brandonio! said...

Yeah I have both versions of Blind Date with Destiny.The later version has about 4 or five different songs on it.If i get around to it i'll post it on my blog Trustar.The Bent Sceptors are a amazing garage rock band.They didn't get the recognition they deserved.They could have released any song on the radio and it would have been a huge hit.Damn what great album. This has been a favorite of Rock(AB)illy Kid's and mine for years.

Trustar said...

Thanks for droppin in B.

Would definately like to hear the other 4 songs. Hook me up,brother.

garage66 said...

"the band broke up,while the organist moved to France"...a likely story trustar! I've heard that story many times! It would seem like a lot of organists move to France.
I have this album too,and saw them play the Midwest a lot.They played with all of the local surfy bands,like The Exotics,this is nice to see on your site,surf boy.
They rock! And so do you!

garage66/mojo repair shop