Monday, September 01, 2008

Lima Peru Has Their Own Monster Problems

En La Ciudad del Horror

Since 1996, garage/psych/surf rock from Lima, Peru!

They started playing live in 1997 and their first release was the "Manganzoides" cassette in 1998, followed by "Mas Dosis!!!" in 2000. The original material from the first tape was released in a split LP by Repent Recs (California), while the two cassettes were re released as a single CD, "Dosis Completa" in Peru (reissued in 2007 in Peru and Argentina). We went back to the studio in 2001 and these songs were included in the No Fun CD "Sobredosis de Horror" (2002) along witn the "Mas dosis!!!" songs. In Peru we released "Ciudad del horror" (Caleta, 2002), including the 2001 tracks and live/rare material. After some interruptions, in 2003-2004 we recorded "Radio Komodo", which was released by No Fun in the US and by Union/Komodo in Peru. In 2006 we recorded our final album, "El entierro de los Manganzoides", with 14 brand new songs. It was released by the Argentinian label Rastrillo Records in October 2006 and the band's last concerts were in Lima and Buenos Aires in mid 2007.


1. La Ciudad del Horror
2. Basura
3. Cucarachas Voladoras
4. Nido de Ratas
5. LLuvia de Fuzztones
6. Cavando Mi Propia Tumba
7. El Espectro
8. Ritmo Enfermedad
9. Vas A Extrañarme
10. Llora Esta Noche
11. Misirlou
12. Sudando Frío
13. Estoy A 5 Años de Acá
14. La Cacharrona
15. Dificil de Curar
16. Tren Fantasma
17. Tsunami!
18. Mujer Boa
19. Amor Reptíl
20. Mojon TV
21. Ganimedes
22. Estación Fantasma



garage66 said...

Hi trustar;
I'm back from the Harley weekend,and I lost my hearing from the bikers reving up. I guess this is what it's like to be Pete Townshend! Anyways thanks, for the superfine comment. It's a great biker's soundtrack album that Angel Dust thing. Ooh,and I like monsters on album covers!
So,I'm going to grab this one!
garage66/mojo repair shop