Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Surf Coasters Are Coming!!

Yes, thats right. Our favorite wacky guys The Surf Coasters from Japan are sliding down the Left Coast even as we "speak?"

My good friend Zillagord made it to the Tractor Tavern (yeee-haw!) in Seattle to see the show put on by these powerhouse reverb maniacs. High energy all the way. Pollo del Mar put on their usual excellent show and the Mercury Four also suprised the hell out of some that had not heard them before. I've got a Mercury Four album to put up when I get back home this weekend.
Just wanted to clue you in if you have any chance at all to see them while The Coasters are in the States, do it. Sell your grandma if you have to!
I'm trying to make sure I get back home before they hit Southern California. I have a barstool with my name on it at the Purple Orchid Tiki Bar in El Segundo just waiting for me.
Most of the Surf Coasters albums are still up on the archives if you have missed any and feel whole again. 'also said they have the new album out and are selling it at the shows. Don't have the name but he saw the info on Phil Dirt's Reverb Central. A must have.


West Coaster on the East Coast



Brandonio! said...

Yeah rub it in that you California dudes get numerous chances to see the almighty Surf Coasters.Damn, you guys get to see all the good bands.I'm pissed at the fact that these great bands never swing out to the heartland of America.It's always West Coast or East Coast.Hell Laika and the Cosmonauts are coming over for their farewell tour,and of course they too are only touring on the outer rim states.Damn it!
As for the new Surf Coasters record I think it's called "Outside Break",and I's needs to get me some of that, real soon.It's rumored to have a new sound,as it's been discribed through various sources on the net.I'm sure I'll like it either way.
Well I hope you don't just their in chair at the Surf Coasters concert I mean really it's the freakin' Surf Coasters.You gotta get up there and pump your fist,or at least bang your head in front of the band playing,and spill your beer on the stage at least once,come on!
No really have a good time Trustar.

zillagord said...


I second everything you said here! Get out to see these guys, they are monstrous! Funny thing, the pics you included with this post are the "clean" Surf Coasters. At the Tractor show, they looked very casual, in jeans and t-shirts. Nothing slick about these guys live, they are in your face heavy surf!! I really hope you get to check 'em out, they are amazing.

And hey, Brandonio, you are always welcome to make a pilgrimage to the Left Coast. I've got a nice area of carpeted floor with your name on it!

:) I am your friend, Trustar!! LOL!! Get back home!

Peace as always,