Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Vice Is Nice

The Vice Barons

Steel Blue Moods
1. Surfsploitation
2. Like Weird
3. Shaft in Matongue
4. Timebomb
5. Big Head
6. No Way to Behave
7. 9.10.
8. Fuel Injection
9. Werwolf (Zentropa '45)
10. Hangover Special
11. Unabomber
12. Persuaders


Brandonio! said...

If you don't download this you are really missing out on one of the most intense 90's instro bands I can think of. These cats know how to make a great riff.So damn cool.

Trustar said...

Thanks B

This is a fine one. Could not find any info on it though. If anyone finds and reviews or comments, please let me know. If not, we will just have to enjoy the tunes!

Oh darn!