Sunday, November 11, 2007

Owwww! My Lumbego Is Acting Up Again

Lumbego Surfers
Full Tank Of Tiki
Wow! More Surf and Tiki! Gotta Love It
The Lombego Surfers are not some taned sunny boys from California but rather the hardest working Voodoo rock punkers with the coolest guitar riffs since the Stooges. The three rock`n`roll pagans from Boston and Basel don`t give a hoot about trends, the rock`n`roll road is straight on, the clubs and bars on the way are old pals and a cold beer is always waiting. The Lombego Surfers are on the road in September with the new cd/lp «Pagan Thrills» in their duffel bag.
1 Reverends Ride
2 So Low Down
3 Makes No Difference
4 Full Tank
5 Grab It
6 Pumping My Heart
7 Up For Anything
8 Gimme The Shakes
9 In Their Eye
10 Acceleration
11 Wrap It Up
12 Backfire
13 Highball


Anonymous said...

Wow! Very very cool!