Saturday, November 10, 2007

Tikis & Surf... You Can't Beat That!

The Swiv-O-Matics
Charm City Surfer

Served by the mighty Teisco

My goodness, have the Swiv-o-matics ever grown! This is a very well developed set of new music from a band that refuses to recognize the boundaries of genre labels. Exceptional and unique material here, not from main street, but from the outskirts of town, where the suburbs meet the woods at the edge of the continent. Great stuff!

1. Charm City Surfer
2. Innocent Lee
3. The Woman in Skin 13
4. Semi Loads from Mexico
5. (She Came From) Planet Stripper
6. Neckbone
7. Wahoni
8. Elekicity
9. Hag in a Black Leather Jacket
10. Scott
11. Stairway to Hampden
12. Swiv Winter
13. Dundalk, France
14. Journey to the Center of the Drawer


Toxxy said...

Thx T, a very nice post :-)


Please update us in your "Blogroll".

As you might know, our blog Re-upped! "died" some days ago now...BUT now Babbler and I are back! Our new home is:

Shakin' All Over!

...located at:

We hope you will come and check us out, cheers!


Trustar said...


Glad you stopped by. I was a little upset that y'all were gone when I got back to town. You can count on having your new site updated on this site.

Hope things are OK with you guys.


Anonymous said...

Great to see you back and posting some great stuff!! I enjoyed this one, and I see you have put up some more cool ones. Looks like Rapidshare will be busy today...
OK, now that I've buttered you up, I will put in my request: Can you re-up that Mutants for me?? Those guys definitely deserve another chance to be heard by readers of this blog. It is BEYOND surf: hard rockin' instros that make you move! OK, I'll stop selling it, just hoping for that re-up. After all you do for me and I'm still selfish!
Thank you for all the great tunes!

Trustar said...


Mutants you shall have. And then some!