Monday, November 12, 2007

Some Voodoo 4 Zillagord

The Mutants
Voodoo Blues
In Glorious 320kbps courtesy of Malc

Re-upped for Zillagord

When's the last time you heard a great instrumental rock and roll album? Admittedly, if you exclude multi-artist comps and Link Wray, it's not exactly a fecund field of wildflowers. Which is why, if yer interested in such a thing, you need to make the Mutants' acquaintance. They describe themselves as "afro-garage-mambo"--and the wonder is that they do not lie. Their last record was a collection of sweaty, movin' singles; this is their first album-as-album, and it does not let up. They've cranked up the guitars, and thus gotten even better--"Stampede Caravan" is the best horns 'n' sax wig-out since the glory days of High Time and Funhouse. Wish we could claim 'em here in the States...but they're Finns, and more power to 'em. They have to be a gas live, so let's hope they visit soon.
-The First Church Of Holy Rock´n´Roll, USA

1. Caligula

2. High Ride

3. Voodoo Blues

4. Sin Hipster

5. Lumbago

6. Stampede Caravan

7. Southern Far Out

8. Papa Simba

9. Move Along!


Anonymous said...

Hells yeah! Service with a smile, and with some killer tunes!! Thanks so much.
BTW, I saw you give kudos to Teisco on a post. I have chatted with him, very nice dude, but not for awhile. Tell him 'Guten tag' from me if you talk to him soon. I know, I know: another favor...
Thanks again!