Monday, November 12, 2007

The Killer Bananazz
Ocean Reef

Phil Dirt says...

Nine songs from Dutch garage-surf mavens the Killer Bananazz. The approach is full tilt garage, and the songs, mostly covers, are both respectful and updated style wise. There's no doubt Man or Astro-MAN? fans will dig this, and there's much more melody for the surf fans. Seven instros are accompanied by two vocals, a rousing garagy cover of Johnny Kidd and the Pirates' "Please Don't Touch," and a trashy version of the Trashmen's "SurfinÕ Bird."
Picks: Engines of Difference, Miserlou, Rocketship XL, Shockwave, Squad Car

Zorba and the Greeks' obscuro "Shockwave" is thickly delivered, with intense guitar and trumpet. The blend of fuzz, surf, and trumpet brings out interesting elements of this fine tune.Surf Instrumental Stereo

Riffin' progressions and loud guitar drive hard for the night time. The guitar needs a little more variation, but the track satisfies, especially the trumpet and power-drive glissandoes.Surf Instrumental Stereo

"Rocketship XL"
Blast off for a hard ride on the Phantoms's obscuro "XL-3." Big and trashy, powerful and intense.Surf Instrumental Stereo

Arranged a la Dick Dale's "Miserlou Twist" sans violins, this is a straight ahead fiery performance, trumpet and all. Very trad arrangement, modern aggressive delivery.Surf Instrumental Stereo

"Squad Car"
Bad boy, bad boy, what'cha gonna do... oh, sorry. Eddie and the Showmen's "Squad Car" drives hard, like Eddie's performances from the eighties, nineties and new millennium. Lots of power and drive, and the trumpet is very cool as it plays a duet with the guitar in the last verse!Surf Instrumental Stereo

Another slammin' Man Or Astro-MAN? cover, with fire and brimstone, and peppermint patties for the kiddies.Surf Instrumental Stereo

"Engines of Difference"
This is a live thrashing riff rockin' assault on tranquility. Much more about power and drive than melody, yet probably magnetic with an audience. Lots of cool changes and variations.Surf Instrumental Stereo


Brandonio! said...

It's about freakin time more surf bands pay homage to the biggest instro band of the 90's hands down. what can i say i like a group who has good taste as these cats certainly do.Yeah i know that some of these are just covers that MOAM? themselves played. I even think it's cool they chose to cover a Trace Reading era song . I never thought i'd like this band that much because I'm guilty of bad band name discrimination, yes it's true get over yourselves people.

Trustar said...

Dumb name, cool tunes

What are ya going to do.