Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Penetrated Again!!

The Pyramids
Penetration: The Best Of The Pyramids

Re-upped by popular demand

Reviewby Richie Unterberger
Not just the best, but virtually
all of the Pyramids, on this 20-track compilation: songs from their sole album, a few non-LP singles, and two previously unissued tracks from their appearance in the Bikini Beach film. "Penetration" is available on several surf compilations, and everyone but surf collectors should stick with those.

1 Penetration
2 Road Runnah
3 Pyramid Stomp
4 Koko Joe
5 Sticks and Skins
6 Everybody [CD Bonus]
7 Paul
8 Long Tall Texan [CD Bonus]
9 Do the Slauson [CD Bonus]
10 Out of Limits [CD Bonus]
11 Louie, Louie [CD Bonus]
12 Here Comes Marsha
13 Walkin' the Dog
14 Contact
15 Pressure
16 Pyramid's Stomp [45 Version]
17 Custom Caravan
18 Midnight Run
19 Record Run [#]
20 Bikini Drag [#]


Anonymous said...


..nice penetrating post!
..penetrated the fontsize a bit too much?

surf'S up!

Anonymous said... firefox browser and i penetrated this fontsize you used!
nows perfect again!


Trustar said...

Sorry all

Tried switching over to Firefox and had nothing but trouble with the Blogger copy & paste portions. Great for everything else though. Will have to keep a IE tab open for adding posts in the future. Got frustrated yesterday with The Pyramids and said "unkle!" Will have more tomorrow for you all.

Happy Thanksgiving


Anonymous said...

that's a real classic!

thanks my friend ... meanwhile I found it at a real shop ...