Sunday, November 11, 2007

Long Board

Long Board

Big Surf


Surfers had to be in top form to ride the rip-tides on a longboard. These boards took a great skill to master, and discouraged many a beginner. Longboards didn't paddle out to sea waiting for a wave - they created a tsunami of surf sounds. They have taken three pieces of vintage equipment and recorded an old-school valve mix of hot summer sounds. Catch the curl in "Bonzai Wash Out", feel your wetsuit being pulled on in "Toro." Take a break from the Sun in "Desert Sky Beach". Jodi Porras plays bass as if he is riding his instrument into a wall of warm water. Hot & fast, loud & clear. Alfredo Ramero on guitars is twang-time, reverb surf city. Ander Boda pounds the skins in a way that will make you feel like you caught the "Wallride" and made it in to cruise the beach another sunny day. Longboards are playing at the same beach party as Los Straightjackets, Dick Dale and the Phantom Surfers. A classic mix of style, sounds and instruments make this one an all-dayer. As you listen to this recording of perfect surfin' sounds it will take you to a hot sandy beach in your woody. The people are pretty and the waves just get bigger and better. Longboards are champions of surf sounds - come and ride the wildest waves with them.

1 Moment Of Truth
2 Requiem For Link
3 Downhill
4 Jeff Philips
5 Journey To The Stars
6 Banzai Washoot
7 Big Surf
8 Wallride
9 Guinchi
10 Roll Out
11 Toro
12 Desert Sky Beach