Friday, November 09, 2007

How Does Your Garden Grow? Ask The Mulchmen

The Mulchmen

Greetings From Planet Stupider


The only thing stupider than a greeting from the planet stupider would be an instro fan not picking up this fine slab of instro delight. The Mulchmen are an immensely talented trio hailing from Dayton. Fitting right in with the mix of things in their sometimes odd and different musical surroundings. The Mulchmen are Nick Kizirnis (cruise director), Brian Hogarth (Co-Pilot) and Gregg Spence (Navigator). I figure that is lead guitar, bass and drums in that order.
Big Beef Records has some prime cuts coming from their studios on this rainbow-colored outing. You can't quantify it as surf yet the influence is echoing in the distance. This is instrumental rock. How do you stick a group like this in a particular genre? You just can't. Tabbed as surf-rock, they prove time and again that it's a very narrow description of their diverse sound. Their range is too far into the distant galaxies of instrumental wanderings to be categorized. This is a really good example of how to use your talent and explore and experiment with music. It's much easier to do when you don't have to sing a note. Let the music do the talkin'. It speaks loud and clear and it works.
I found this group and their music to be entirely enjoyable. I am scratching my head and wondering why I haven't heard more of these guys. They really cook. The group never lets up and is in a fine tuned mode of synchronization. Get smarter and listen to "Greetings From Planet Stupider" instro heads!! MUZIKMAN

1. Delta Velocity
2. Backscratcher
3. Spank The Lightning
4. The Stalker
5. Go-Go Boot Camp
6. Pocketful Of Pennies
7. Yek-259
8. Lowdown
9. Automatic Egypt
10. Tiddytwister
11. Demanding The Impossible
12. Shadow Walk
13. Ripchord
14. Dr. Cyclops/Danger Todd Robinson


C-500 said...

Hey Trustar!

Good to see you're back'n posting!
Hope you had a good trip with lots of memories. Thanks for this one!

See Ya!

Anonymous said...

wasn't this posted at fat city cigar lounge last week or something

Trustar said...

So it was. Did not have the time to go through all of the postings that went on while I was out of town so did not see it on FCCL. Scary!!