Friday, November 09, 2007

Gentlemen's Blues Club

Shotgun Wedding Collectors Edition

GBC - America's Kick-Ass Blues Rock Band

Mick Stover and Dave Osti, the core members of Gentlemen’s Blues Club, have been band mates and friends since they met years ago during an audition in Los Angeles. Over the years they collaborated regularly and have played together in over a dozen bands. During the ‘90s, while Dave Osti was enjoying a successful solo career, Mick Stover was recording albums and touring the world with international blues icon BB Chung King, including tours with Gilby Clarke and “the King of the Blues”, BB King.When offered a chance to produce albums for Manifest Destiny Records, Mick asked his old friend Dave to sing, play guitar, and co-write songs for GBC. Mick then recruited some of his über-talented music industry friends to back them up on the album. Teddy Zigzag (Guns & Roses, Alice Cooper), Philip Sayce (Melissa Ethridge, Jeff Healey), David Raven (Iggy Pop, Ricky Martin), and Frank Simes (Don Henley, Mick Jagger) made guest appearances on GBC tracks and play live with the band from time to time.The 1st album, “Shotgun Wedding”, was released to critical acclaim and was embraced by radio audiences around the globe. FM and Internet radio stations in the US, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, France, Holland, Croatia, Macedonia, Belgium, Norway, and Italy soon added songs from Shotgun Wedding to their playlists. As a result, GBC released 2 more albums - “Longhorn Honeymoon” and “Collector’s Edition.” Complimenting the vibrant, well-crafted CDs is an exciting and unforgettable live show. From the initial licks of the opening intro riff to the emotional climax of the encore, each GBC concert is a no-holds-barred celebration of musical synergy. Every time they perform, GBC makes good on their promise to put on a high-energy, jaw-dropping, take-no-prisoners performance that leaves audiences proclaiming “THESE GENTLEMEN KICK ASS!”