Sunday, October 07, 2007

Surfin' Sunday October 7th 2007

Mister Neutron
@ International Surfing Museum
Huntington Beach, California
Twas a beautiful sunny day yesterday at the Surf Museum. Most of the tourists have left, leaving pretty much the locals to enjoy the fine day and excellent tunes by Mister Neutron. My attempt at doing any recording was a total failure. Need to do something about that Reamco cassette recorder! Made my purchase of their CD and had the boys all sign it. As long as I know the money goes in their pocket all is good.
Next week: The Verbtones and The Glascow Tiki Shakers! Be there!

Catch their current album Red Triangle over at the TwilightZone, shared by RYP & our mending buddy, Eek! the Cat.


DaBoss said...

Hi Tru:

Tanks fer da hint on da disc, it be veddy,veddy, fun. Pics look good, did you have a good time?