Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Holy's Holy's Holy's

Los Holy's
Sueno Sicodelico (10in LP)

If in Peru, Los Saicos are a razor-sharp black star of the subterranean heavens, Los Holy's are a blazing constellation. They could be considered the first local psychedelia movement of the mid-60s: they were capable of experimenting with compositions and sounds beyond the New Wave beat melodies common at the time, and all of this while remaining a basically instrumental band.

The group's first LP, Sueno Sicodelico (Psychedelic Dream), is an ambitious and original album, and one of the earliest and most perfect Latin American conceptual pop records. They wrote on the back of this LP, "Los Holys symbolize the restless and evolved heart of today's youth. Do we know all of the sounds that are heard at the bottoms of the sea? Space stations don't capture sound-waves produced at thousands of light years? We will try to reproduce those sounds with our instruments and maybe they'll end up being more pleasant than the crashing of waves." Leader Walo would later found additional bands, touchstones of other facets of Peruvian rock: Telegraph Avenue and Tarkus.

1 Campo De Vampiros
2 Sueño Sicodelico
3 Melodia Encantada
4 Reunion Psicodelica
5 Piedra De Doce Angulos
6 Hawai Five-O
7 El Hombre Desnudo
8 Holy's Psicodelicos
9 The High Chaparral
10 Psicodelico Desconocido
11 Spectro 1
12 Choque De Vientos




Anonymous said...

never heard a these guys before but it sounds interesting-thanks for sharing!

brandonio said...

Trustar, wow dude this is REALLY good.and i too have never heard this band before. They certainly give Davie Allen a run for his money on qiut a few songs here. this is definitly a keeper.Where did you come by this i'm curious?

Trustar said...


Just doing the usual amount of digging in the achient archives of old. You never know what you might find in there.


Frisian said...

thanks Trustar, just like the comments above, never heard of these guys...
love it, keep them comming....


Anonymous said...

More peruvian jewels in http://madruguemosaltibu.blogspot.com/
Saicos, Shains, Yorks, Holys, Siverstons, Tarkus..... and more. Complete albums

Trustar said...


Thanks for the tip. I do have a few Los Yorks albums so would be happy to browse for them and more.