Tuesday, October 02, 2007

More From Those Nutty Boys From Oslo

Los Plantronics

Rancho Nortorious!


You can always count on Los Plantronics to deliver high intensity spaghetti western instrumentals. Rancho Notorious is packed with an ample supply. While the sound is sometimes too thick, sometimes hiding the drums, and even occasionally obscuring much of the detail of the superb performances, it somehow adds to the sense of immense volume.

Picks: Bobby Peru, Trunck Music, Satan Jones, Jerome Green, Buzz Meeks, Big Truck, Sheena Is A Punk Rocker, The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly.
Phil Dirt Reverb Central
03. Trunk Music
04. Satan Jones
05. Jerome Green
06. The Ballad Of Lucas Doolin
07. Sick, Sober And Sorry
09. Lima India 2 Bravo
10. You're Gonna Miss Me
11. Big Truck
12. I Can Tell
13. Sheena Is A Punk Rocker (instr.)


brandonio said...

Love Los Plantronics !!! i really wish I could see this band live. They probably sound even better on stage , you can hear it in there recordings. I was fist introduced to the band by the comp Spaghetti duck you suckers. They simply stood out from the pack as far as i'm concerned.the only album I'am missing from these guys is there first . I can't think of it's name right now. I really recommend this band to anyone who is bored with music right now. There album Columbian Necktie really hits the mark.

Trustar said...

Los Plantronics are one of my favs too!.

I think RYP has Columbian Necktie posted still.

I'm still looking for Mariachi Death Surf though.

If anyone has it gathering dust. please send it over my way!


brandonio said...

Trustar, i can send you Mariachi Death Surf probably Sunday or monday night. No problamo senor!!!!

Trustar said...

Muchas gracias senor B


Tiago Mag said...

Thank you. I was getting tired of "La Orchestra Diabolica", wich is highly recomendable. It must be from
getting tired of the Noruegian cold that these guys make such hot music :).