Monday, October 08, 2007

El Caminos

The El Caminos
Reverb Explosion
Re-up for Moocher

Geholt dir mit Obacht durch Herrn Teisco

The success of rock n' roll spaghetti western Pulp Fiction caused a tidal wave of resurgence in the twangy surf music that once ruled the waves back in the early '60's. Our BIG SURF HITS comp was QT's source for two Pulp-tracks, "Surf Rider" by the Lively Ones & "Bullwinkle Pt. II" by the Centurions. So it really should come as no surprise that Bob Keane's DEL-FI Records-the legendary home of those original surfalicious sounds-- is back with yet another instant classic stick of prime surfadelia, rendered in blaring "delphonic sound"...The El Caminos' REVERB EXPLOSION! "People have always asked me..." Keane recently told one writer, "When are you going to put out some new surf bands?,' but frankly I haven't heard anything that was as good as the stuff I released back then. And then I heard this new band, and boy, was I blown away!" REVERB EXPLOSION! is a brand new release by Japan's best Surf music export, The El Caminos, and it's a rattlin' rock n' roll tsunami! A few years back, their hypersonic twin-Fender assault caused that huge earthquake in their hometown of Kobe, Japan! (Okay, we're kidding.) This compendium of mostly-instro ber surf & hot rod madness reveals how a group of faithful Japanese musicians who've been aping the DEL-FI Original California Surf Sound( since '94 haven't just been monkeying around. We love the way a lot of Japanese bands have embraced American teen-pop & rock n' roll, creating an often animated, semi-unintentional parody, but while this Pacific Rim-job continues unabated and unchecked by U.S. customs officials and possibly even the C.I.A. , we do have the occasional solid musical Japanese export to look forward to from their shores. REVERB EXPLOSION! is your passport to a new exotic world of surf music bliss. Guitarists Eddie Ugata and Ritchie Khoda are DEL-FI fanatics (Khoda even spells his first name like DEL-FI's Ritchie Valens!) and both were inspired by the slurpy, splashy reverb-drenched sounds of the DEL-FI surf bands, their favorite being Central Coast rumblers' The Sentinals. Eddie, in particular, has been obsessed with getting the perfect "Delphonic" surf sound, using only pre-CBS vintage Fender amps, Jazzmasters and Jags. The El Caminos--- straight outta Kobe---are also the only band we've heard that has a go-go'ing Farfisa sound like the great East L.A. Chicano party-rockers (including DEL-FI's own Romancers), giving them a classic sound rumbling back from decades past, but positively dripping with Nineties attitude. (Give a listen to their take on a little-known Jimi Hendrix instro, "Hornet's Nest" and you'll question why Jimi even bothered to mutter 'May you never hear surf music again.')
1 Exotic
2 Sumo Wrestler
3 Big Surf
4 Hornet's Nest
5 Pachuko Soul
6 Exodus
7 Reverb Explosion Pt 1
8 The Wedge
9 Rolling Sushi
10 Shock Wave '95
11 T.J. Slough
12 Death Race
13 Quite A Surf Party
14 Gerugugu
15 How!


Anonymous said...


..that's finest wild eleki stuff!!..


"Geholt dir mit Obacht durch Herrn Teisco"
..nice translation.. ;-)

Trustar said...

Herrn Teisco

I'm again at the merci' of Google Translater.

Hope I don't make an international fool of myself! lol

Thanks for the fantastic set of tunes and the nice note.

T (8)>

moocher said...

Big thanx
Soon i upload first russian surf compilation and share link for you
I only must buy CD :)
Sorry for my english


Trustar said...


Your very welcome.

Your English is much better then my Russian. Looking forward to hearing the comp and sharing with the Reverb Tribe.


smoyuri said...

Thanks From Japan !!

Gyro1966 said...

thanks once again.

Anonymous said...

Cheers Trustar!

moocher said...

Here it is:

Track list:
1. Messer Chups - Cat Mobile (2:31)
2. Valerock - Molodezhnaya (3:04)
3. B-Sea Surfers - Long Way Home (3:19)
4. Electric Gurus - Somnambulistic Dance by Oneself (3:05)
5. Bombers - Whores (1:57)
6. Vivisectors - Shot to Death in Woody Creek (3:29)
7. Bivni - Eliksir (3:18)
8. Garage Guitars - Staff #2 (3:14)
9. Lost Pelicanos - Spaghetti (2:49)
10. Hula Hoop - Blood hot eyes (3:20)
11. Rattlesnakes - Tornado (3:07)
12. Timur Popovkin - Summer twist (3:33)
13. Barbulators - Surf (2:47)
14. Freak's Tricks - Dj Jekyll & Mc Hyde (2:49)
15. Mister Twister - Comanche (live) (3:07)
16. Roman Popov - Old friends (3:28)
17. Smocking Bulldozers - Paultergeist (2:42)
18. Propellers - Hey, Let Me Go (3:27)
19. Los Kosmos - Mega Hit (3:08)
20. Radio Rio - French Fries (3:47)
21. Kim & Buran - Lost Cowboy (1:32)
22. Spoilers - Cha Cha Boom (1:37)
23. Belfast - Lonesome Boatman (3:46)
24. Top Secret - Mission in Spain (3:05)
25. Big Frozen Cats - Ol Surf (2:01)
26. Spootniks - Along the cattle guard (3:05)
27. The Catafalque - On Bends (2:30)

320 kbps, ~175 mb