Saturday, October 13, 2007

Even A Man Who Is Pure Of Heart Re-up

The Surf Trio

Curse Of The Surf Trio



Okay, so they're really a 4-piece and they definitely ain't just a surf band. But before there ever was a surf revival, before punk rock was topping the charts, there was the Surf Trio, combining the best of both worlds with a sound that owed as much to the Ramones as to Dick Dale.
Born in the garages of Oregon in the mid 80s, the Surf Trio brought together the purism of 60s garage and surf with the raw energy of 70s punk to create a sound that was all their own. With a repertoire that included both revved-up instrumentals and punk rock rave-ups, the band began to make its mark on the Northwest music scene with gigs around Portland, Eugene and Seattle.
And with their vinyl debut ­ a 7-song, all instrumental EP on Moxie Records ­ they helped breathe life back into surf music, predating the current surf craze by nearly 10 years. An offer from Voxx records followed, and in 1986 the band released its now-legendary debut album, Almost Summer, co-produced by former Bad Religion guitarist/Epitaph Records honcho Brett Gurewitz. The boys played shows from Seattle to Portland to L.A., and made a second album, the souped-up Safari in a Living Graveyard.
Now, after a 3-year hiatus in the early 90s, the Surf Trio are back and better than ever. Between 1995 and 1997, they released two more albums ­ the punky Shook Outta Shape on September Gurls Records and the all-instrumental Curse of the Surf Trio on the Pin-Up label. And, after years of sweating it out in clubs, they've won recognition as one of the greatest live bands in the Northwest. Two European tours and countless high-energy, no-holds-barred shows in the States have won the band a rabid following both at home and abroad. Along the way, the boys have even become TV stars, providing theme and background music for The Learning Channel's national series Neat Stuff. Never a band to rest on its laurels, the Surf Trio put out yet another screamer of an album in 1999. The predominantly instrumental Forbidden Sounds was co-released by Dionysus Records and Blood Red Vinyl and made a big splash with fans and critics alike. Two tracks from the album ("Vibrosurf" and "Salt Bath") were used in the cinematic exploitation opus "Freeway 2: Confessions of a Trickbaby". Plans are underway for a new album in 2000, and the band shows no signs of slowing down.

Cape Wonder


Surf Is Dead

Port Orford


99th Wave

On The Reach Around


Forbidden Zone


Mr. Rhythm

The Plunger

Las Luchadoras

The Wedge


DaBoss said...

Hi Tru:
O.K. this is too weird. I have been listening to the Dogs Bollocks for the past 3 days (got it on the first post)and they are outstanding. To make things even freakier -- I posted the Surf Trio's Forbidden Sounds -- I had it for last week but couldn't get to it sooner because of the play I'm teching. Then I saw this and well -- I stole the first paragraph from here to add to mine and left you a plug.
Are you seeing and bands tomnorrow?

Trustar said...

Big Boss Man

Sick minds thinak alike!???

The Dog Bollocks set only managed to stay up for a week or so last time. "It magically disapeared"

The Forbidden Sounds was the first Surf Trio that I had found. Excellent choice.

Going to try to catch The Verbtones and The Glasgow Tiki Shakers both! Get me another front row set. (3 weeks in a row)

I love the off-season in Huntington Beach!

Surf City!


Anonymous said...

HEY, everytime i go back to your splendid blog the link to "Curse Of The Surf Trio" is DEAD.... need this bad...

Trustar said...

Cath this re-up Kuken before it magicaly disappears.

Thanks for droppin' in. Hope this keeps you coming back for more.


Aleks Dinamo said...

this link it's broken again :( Can you fix it? Thx!