Thursday, July 05, 2007

Viva! Cinco de Julio!


Horror Vision

Telekrimen is an instrumental band of surf that take implicit in its style, the rock & roll garage the psicodélica, the punk and lounge. With a combination of reverberantes guitars, setenteros organs farfisa and sounds sci-fi of films of horror of 50 years ' s.

First record production of this trio of Surf: HORROR VISION. In this album, TELEKRIMEN offers an excellent trip us, by the Mexican culture kitch, where it cannot lack the series of monsters of series B of the Sixties, the classic cars Falcon or Glaxie, for delight of listening. A Surf with dose of Garage and something of Punk, notice in each one of the HORROR subjects VISION. From Satellite to the north of the D.F rates and sonorous frequencies for zombies. Surf-terror to enjoy strange drinks, under the influences of the moon. A highly recommendable disc for initiates of the Surf Mex!
1. Zombie radio

2. 123 of Fear

3. KM/58

4. Coctail monster

5. The Coco gin

6. Pirañas to Go-Go

7. Playa Swinger

8. The passage of the dead

9. Tide of Terror

10. Man overboard

11. Sex on the Rocks

12. Moscos Playeros

13. Sinister Bar

14. Death in Hawaii


Anonymous said...

Trustar the guiding light.. Thanks from m.

Anonymous said...

these guys Telekrimen kick some serious ass people i'm listening as write i've here about half the tracks so far and am totally blown away the drummer is sharp as a knife,sorta like the Sandblasters drummer anyone who's heard them know what i'm talking about . TOTALLY recommend. phil dirt my may not like this cause it's too riffy or no meledy screw that . i like riffy stuff with no meledy. i love this band!!!! period. BRANDONIO { from indiana }

Anonymous said...

well actually phil dirt does like this band and this is some what surprising he really disliked the great MAN OR ASTROMAN? and band of that caliber but for some reason has taken a liking to these dudes.miracle's do happen. this band is molten HOT!!!! BRANDONIO!

Rockandre said...

Awesome band!Thanks!