Thursday, July 26, 2007

Amsterdam Twang

The Black Arrows

Solid Sounds In Guitar


There area lot of guitar styled rock and roll groupes around. Nearly every town, the biggest ones as well as the smaller, have their own native favourites. But although a big number of bands try to reach the upper atmospheres of Pop recordland, very few really have gained some kind of nation wide popularity. The reason for this mostly is, that the highest level attainable is determined by the technical possibilities of their amplifiers, echo-units, and more of those electronical instruments and the quality and possibilities of their electrical guitars.
Those three Anthonio brothers (the name seems strange to us, but is not unusual in the country where they come from) completed with their drummer boy Laurens Müller, are not only equiped with the finest instruments and amplifiers But they have a rhythmic and musical feeling that really makes four steady musiciens out of them.
All were born in Indonesia, which country they left in 1949, in the time when the Republic of Indonesia was created. Their position in Holland was not easy. The change in manners, morals, climat and more of those factors were difficult to take and nothing was more natural than a rather shy behaviour and living on their own. lt is also very logical that those facets of their Indonesian life which were still with them, came in the middle of their interest. One was their way of making musie. Those people always see med to have more intensely fun in playing an instrument than we do.
Father Anthonio played the violin, guitar, piano, drums. Mother played piano too. You see: background enough. And the boys really did take over their parents capacities. In 1960 it was decided that the boys would go along together with their good friend the drummer and so the band was born. From that time on, succes was the result of a lot of practising. Every penny they earned was spent on new instruments. In this field mother Anthonio became a very important person because she lent the money for the most necessary things to start with. Within 3 month an remarkable repertoire was known. Every Saturdaynight was goin to be an "action" night. In very few time their reputation went to other towns, and engagements followed each other. In the meantime they had their own headquarters in Amsterdam, a very big fanclub giving dancing parties every Saturday- and Sundaynight. This drew the attention of the record-people and in January 1962 the first disc was out. Eddy Denver, (their singer at that time) and the Black Arrows in Forty Days/Tough enough. More discs followed, instrumental as well as with different vocalists. More and more they became one of the leading groups, hardly able to cope with all the deniand. That was the time, an L. P. was planned. And my personal idea is, that they succeeded in a very delicate, special way.

Haulting Dutch translation. Sorry
Tulip Fields
Little Lonely Train
World of Fire
Wonderland By Night
Johnny Guitar
Midnight Blues
Hernando's Hideaway
Slave Girl
September Song
Lady Of Spain


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