Wednesday, July 11, 2007

DaiKaiJu Is Coming!


DaiKaiJu Suupaa Hits


Most recently played at the Clarkston Surf Fest in Georgia, they are working their way Westward. Going to try to catch them when they hit San Diego in September at the Zombie Lounge.

From Wikipedia:

Daikaiju is a surf rock quintet from Huntsville, AL. The members perform anonymously, wearing kabuki masks, and provide the theme music to Escape Pod.
From the band's MySpace site:
Who is the Daikaiju? Kabuki men deliver most high rocket music.Special reverb skill combo for full impact! Loud Roken-Roll for earful pleasure!Impressive radiation of hyper-dimensional springy sound, divine psychedelic wind for your special liking.Worship Psycho-surf band Daikaiju daily for good luck and health!

The band's members use the stage names:
Secret-Man - guitarist
Multi-Man - guitarist/keyboardist
Rumble-Man - bassist
Hands-Man - drummer
Electro-Man - keyboardist
Ex-members - E (drummer 1999-2002,2004), Mr. Nein (drummer 2001-2003), Oni (drummer 2005), IV (drummer 2005-2006), Tentacles-X (keyboardist 1999-2000), Captain Kanchou (guitarist/bassist 1999-2001), Brain Conflict (bassist 2002-2006), Dymaxion Lee (guitarist 2001-2006)
Radiant-Man - surprisingly dazzling lights

1. Daikaiju Die!
2. Attack of the Crab Women
3. The Trouble with those Mothra Girls
4. Sharkakhan
5. Showdown in Shinjuku
6. The Daikaiju who Loved Me
7. Son of Daikaiju
8. Incognito
9. Super X-9
10. Farewell to Monster Island


Xtabay said...

Thanks for boosting my surf music collection with these rarities.

chilipalmer said...

Hi trustar,
you really make me look forward to this roud loken loll full impact (even tho anonymous bands isnt exactly a new concept - but just as much anonymous comments aren't -lol!).

I'm always enlightened how you music-blogging-guys (among others greatly so you, Eek and RYP) constantly keep expanding my musical horizon. Thanx for that once more.

Here another try to share some fun, even tho i still don't upload myself. One of my recent finds that might delight your ears is this wonderful lebanese guitarist on a work from 74, combining middle-east folk tunes with surfish guitar and proggy mood-sounds. Check out 'Omar Khorshed', now @

greetz chip

Anonymous said...

hey trustar what's the password for this file? BRANDONIO!

Trustar said...


No password on any of my postings. Checked it out myself, no problems.

Try it again.


Anonymous said...

Dude, you from San Diego?! Me too, we should meet up at their show at the Zombie Lounge. Have you seen my blog? "Western Swing on 78"

Jordan said...

Hey I just bought this album and @#$% LOVED IT. Perfect high-powered surf in my opinion. I've read they have 2 earlier EPs that are now out of print... Any leads on those for me? Thx.

Trustar said...


Glad thet got you too.

This is the only one I've tracked far.

Keep checking back. Let me know if you do find anything else. Always looking.

Thanks for the comments


Rockandre said...

Fantastic! Thank you very much!