Sunday, July 08, 2007

Get Low

The Vice Barons
Friends In Low Places

Belgian surf Instro Group

Someone was requesting some Vice Barons so here you are. Could not find to much info on them but that several are now in the group The Mighty Gordinis. Anyone out there that can help fill in the gaps?

Signs Of The Ages
King Of The Wild Reverb
Shar Face Suzy
Stressmen Theme
Menaces Sous La Terre
Gun Freaks On Speed
Radiant 2000
Durango Vice Trap


Anonymous said...

THANK YOU OH SO VERY MUCH TRUSTAR !!!!!!!!! this is freak'in cool of you to post this . It was me BRANDONIO!who request this . Very hard to find back when this came out ,impossible now.I can't thank you enough my friend. BRANDONIO!

1Surfrider said...

Great blog full of great tunes, thanks.


LinkJr said...

Great blog Trustar!, thanks for this album, do u have any Tiki Men a 90s Link Wray influenced american band i know they did an album called "12 Dusty Diamonds" it has a primitive vintage sound to it Thanks

Anonymous said...

What a killer album! I totally dig organ-driven surf. It reminds you of the endless summer you once dreamed of. But maybe it still lies ahead...

Unfortunately it is not this summer (at least not in Germany) - the weather sucks big time! But this music sure is a nice compensation! Thanx a lot, Trustar!


Trustar said...

glad this was one to tickle the senses.

Check back for more.

Thanks for all the cool comments


Rockandre said...

Good music. Thank you!