Tuesday, July 03, 2007

"Spain's Most Feared Instro Band"

Los Durrumbes
(The Landslides)


Instrumental surf band from Spain influenced by classic surf bands from the early 60's and also by 50's Rockabilly music and exotica. Tasty tunes and catchy melodies!
1 Squad Car
2 A-Rab
3 Movin
4 Por La Punado
5 Outer Limits
6 the Rumble
7 No Tengo Tabla
8 Midnight Run
9 Somo 5-0
10 Goulash
11 Black Sand Beach
12 Pacifica
13 Buffalo
14 MK-2
15 Telstorm
16 The Whip
17 Corre Batman
18 Viva Las Vegas


Beach Bum said...

Wowza - great site - you're in danger of being listed under Beach Bum's best bloggers - I love some of those album covers dude!

mredondo said...

Beto from this group had contacted me about posting this album on my old blog - RedondoRoundUp - ITS GREAT!!!

I wish these guys a lot of success!!

Best regards Trustar!! & HAPPY 4th of July!!


Anonymous said...

Just a hint: "Derrumbe" in english translates literally into "Landslide" but also there's a Mexican hallucinogen fungus called Derrumbe... sort of a natural variation of LSD

BTW, great record!!!

Rockandre said...

Thank you for this!

Rockandre said...

Fabuloso! Gracias!