Friday, January 06, 2012

You Need This Ark Even Though It's Not Raining

Lee "Scratch" Perry & Mad Professor
Black Ark Experryments

"This could be a good joke, I like it..."
Black Ark Experryments is a very good album that ranks amongst some of the best he's
done with Mad Professor. The Professor's rhythms range from fast and furious to
gentle and ethereal, and the Super Ape is in a good shape as he delivers high
speed rants about everything from The Clash to William Shakespeare. The album is
perhaps best represented by the dizzying, eleven minute "Super Ape In A Good
Shape" and "Poop Song", a feverish disco jam where Scratch carries on like
someone out of the Old Testament inna dancehall. And as if these breakneck
numbers weren't compelling enough, the charming "Black Ark Experryments"
captures Scratch in a reflective mood as he looks back on his life. A solid and
very enjoyable album.


1. Thank You
2. Super Ape In A Good Shape
3. Jungle Safari
4. From Heaven Above
5. Heads Of Government
6. Open Door
7. Black Ark Experryments
8. Poop Song
9. Come Back

Come and get it HERE


John Baker said...

Looks great! Except link seems not to work?

Trustar said...

Hey John

Don't know what happened but it is fixed now.

Thanks for the heads up and your comments.