Friday, January 06, 2012

24 More Hot Tracks From Uruguay

The Supersonicos

Irrupcion En El Cosmos


The Supersonicos formed at the beginning of the '90 in Montevideo, Uruguay. After to publish World Pistol its sound punk begins to change towards retro surf instrumental and the update of new wave. With that idea in mind, the band produces a trilogy of CDs: Irruption in the Cosmos, Hello Static and the recent Telekinesis. These discs, as well as shows of Supersonic, is bound thematically: Irruption in the Cosmos tries on a subconscientious foreign invasion; Hello Static, on the submission to robots and Telekinesis, on the possibility of developing psychic powers to repel the invasion and the injustice.

The international repercussion of Supersonic includes opening for shows of Total Wreck (Montevideo, 1997), Moon (Montevideo 2001), Phantom Surfers (Montevideo 2002) and Breeders (Santiago of Chile 2003), foundation of Buenos Aires Stomp and closes of Molotov Cycle (Buenos Aires 1999 - 2003), the compiled tours by Chile and Argentina and appearances in international (Spain, the USA, Argentina, Mexico). Telekinesis deserved 5/5 stars in the site of the specialist Phil Dirt (

The band is integrated by I read Sonic in voice and guitar, Sonic Pol in action, Sonic Bob in guitar and occasional keyboards and low Sonic Joe in and effects. Shows live is accompanied by projections by images and short sessions by scenic acrobatics. The official Web site is, the contact super@ ( Translated via BableFish )

  1. Mr. Maremoto
  2. ¿qué Es Esa Señal?
  3. Asbrón El Eliminador
  4. Ejecuten Plan A
  5. Los 100 Tentáculos De Mujerotrón
  6. Los 99 Tentáculos De Mujerotrón
  7. Toronado Express
  8. Meterotito
  9. Hns. Maciste
  10. ¿qué Calse De Instrumentos?
  11. Novia Del Átomo
  12. Alison
  13. Czorak Ilamando Argos
  14. El Poder De Voltor
  15. Moon Patrol
  16. Motor Perkins
  17. Ticino
  18. Mr. Maremoto
  19. Twanglight Zone
  20. Sangre Verde
  21. Sirenas De Titán
  22. Valentina
  23. Bliz Halley
  24. Aloha Alien

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