Sunday, January 08, 2012

Get Ready To Be Bowled Over

The Amino Acids
Humanity Will Fall Like Pins

The new Amino Acids album "Humanity Will Fall Like Pins" could be called "music to ride an experimental test rocket bareback directly into the Sun through a dense meteor shower while beating back attacking robodemons with bare fists by." One might alternatively term it SciFi Surf Punk Masked-Man SuperVillain Metal. Previous albums might have fit the "Superhero Metal" genre but this is definitely more Brainiac and The Joker than Batman or Superman. (But it's still KINDA Superman and a whole lot of Batman.) "The Ennio Morricone of Surf Music!"

~Reverend Ivan Stang~
~Church of the Subgenius




Brandonio! said...

Exceeeelent Man!

I liked this band for awhile now.I guess i overlooked that they had a new release out.

Good lookin' out Duuuuude!

Trustar said...


Easy to miss things when their coming fast and furious like they do anymore.

Thought you might like this one.


zillagord said...

Wild, wild stuff. It makes me wish I still lived with my parents: this one would drive 'em nuts! Thanks for this one, it's a lotta fun.

Anonymous said...


Been looking for this one for a looong time! You rule!

Trustar said...

Thanks for the comments my friends. This one has a little more headbangin' action to it so I knew it would go over with most of you all.

Glad ya liked it.


the carp said...

late to the table but holy crap this is good. curious if you happened to have their first album and ep as well?

Trustar said...

Mr Carp

Thanks for finally catching on to this one. I do have one additional disc, Destroy The Warming Sun. Hit me with an email and I will shoot it to you.

Thanks for the comment.


the carp said...

got that one from your blog as well. am presently attempting to hunt down an ep called 'We Are Alien?' and an album called 'Man... In The Universe?' these guys are so amazing. any idea if they are still functioning?

ps love your blog. lot of great material.

Trustar said...

In doing some lookin' it appears that the Amino Acids are no more.
No where does that leave the periodic table???

Thanks for chiming in carpster.


Rockandre said...

Wicked! Thank you!