Friday, January 20, 2012

Watch Out, Their Loaded Re-Up

The Pistoleros

The Arrival Of The Pistoleros


These Norwegian cats are some tough hombres.

The Pistoleros hail from Norway and announce their arrival in truly stunning style with their version of The Flames' 1963 single Dark Man. If you were checking this CD out before purchase then I guarantee you'd not bother to listen any further than this first track. One play of this richly delivered emotive melody from a talented guitar four-piece and you'd have no choice but to buy the CD, never mind what the rest sounded like! Fortunately there's plenty more where that came from. There are 20 tracks in total, and the quality and blend of material is remarkably strong. Nearly half are sixties covers from Norway and other North European countries, half come from the 1980s Euro RI revival, with '1961' and The Moonriders being major influences, and there's one original: the title track from guitarist Gustav Rosland. Gustav shares the lead duties with Jan Arve Bergane, they split the tracks 50:50 and switch to bass when not playing lead guitar. The sixties covers continue after Dark Man with the sprightly uptempo Domino from The Saunters. Another Norwegian single, this was a latecomer on the scene in 1965 but has all the hallmarks of a pre-beatgroup RI guitar number. Tracks 7 and 8 pair up two more Norwegian sixties singles with Manyana from The Quivers and The Pearls from The Zodiacs. The first is a galloping beater with a relaxing break midway while the second is an exotic flowing ballad with an effective strident break. Also from The Quivers' repertoire comes War Dance with its Apache drums and moody lead delivered with plenty of early Hank B. Marvin feel. The only mainstream sixties tracks are The Fentones' Mexican plus Rocket Man from The Spotnicks. The Eagles' Desperados gets a surprisingly rare airing here for such a great number, and all credit to The Pistoleros for digging it out. The strong list of 1980s covers includes no less than six tunes from Sweden's Clerwall brothers, Lennart and Hans. They're not the obvious titles that so many bands use, but they are just as classy. Take a listen to Rodriquez for example, it's a wonderful early Shadows pastiche that oozes echo and tremolo-inspired emotion. Originally released on a '1961' EP it's just one of many here that fans of '60s UK and Euro instrumentals will love. This is a very high quality CD, don't miss it. (Alan Taylor)

Dark Man


Fort Knox

Farewell To Casablanca

Rocket Man

Dark Eyes


The Pearls

Gotlandsk Sommarnatt


New Material

Lonesome Moonride

Ambush At Buffalo Creek

The Mexican

War Dance

The Desperados

Mexican Bodega

The Arrival Of The Pistoleros

Just Before Dawn

Shades Of Green

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Gyro1966 said...

thanks for the groovy surf sounds.

Anonymous said...

Hey there... awesome blog, i'm a surf music fan, and i'm here every time, congratulations!

Just 2 things to improve your quality:
- It will be great if you could avoid Megaupload. Here in Brazil, the slots are very limited and is very hard to get a download.
- Zip extensions are ok, but with Winrar, the compression is the same, and you can look inside the file, getting a preview of your download.

Well, i'm not complaining at all, it's just some tips that will make the things easier to me and to other people, I think.


Trustar said...


Thanks for stopping by and the kind words.

Reg your suggestions.

I usually only use Megaupload when the files are over 100 mb and I am too lazy to split the album into two or more parts. Had not heard that it was an issue for the readers in Brazil. I will keep that in mind in the future.

Zip vs RAR - I usually don't pay that much attention to how it is archived as my WinRAR program handles them the same way. The peek into the file might just be the way that it was "wrapped". I usually try to save the folder as a whole rather then itemizing each track. Has always made it easier to extract completed folders.

Thank you for the suggestions. I will keep them in mind on future posts.

Keep on dropping in.


deadmanstar said...

Thanks for the groovy sounds.