Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Did Somebody Turn The Heat Up?

Urban Surf Kings

Live In Hell
Ripped @ a flamin' & burnin' 320

Canada's East Coast instro-nuts, URBAN SURF KINGS, play surf music, 1960's style. Think the beach blasts of Dick Dale, the leather jacket rumble of Link Wray, and the biker fuzz of B-movie heroes Davie Allan & the Arrows. The 13 year old trio is led by Mohawk surf guitarist Rev Hank, Crash Flagg on surf bass, and Inky on traps. That's right, no singer, but not to worry...there's always plenty of dancing on and off the stage: the swim, the frug, the watusi, the twist... URBAN SURF KINGS have 9 releases to date, including their latest CD, "Bang Howdy Partner". They even released a 45rpm titled "el Toro!" a while back to capture their surf sound on vinyl (the way it should be!). The band will perform the new record and new live show far and wide. With a fan base that extends around the world (including North & South America, Europe, Asia & Australia), Urban Surf Kings may be the busiest surf band in Canada. CBC


1. Journey to the Stars
2. Seven Faces of Dr. Surf
3. Twister
4. Radar Range
5. Moment of Truth
6. Mojave Hadji
7. Twisted Brain
8. Moncton Stomp!
9. Star Wars
10. Diamond Head
11. Surf Kings Stomp!
12. Invisible Ray
13. Legend of Bog Road
14. 7 Veils a Go Go
15. Radarmen From the Moon
16. Kookie's Comb
17. Espresso Twist
18. James Bond
19. Misirlou
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