Saturday, April 24, 2010

Another Trip To Hell....And Back?

Thes Siniestros

Campo de Satan
@ a blazin' 320

The shortest rock opera in the world. In 38 minutes (17 tracks spread over two acts!), Thes Siniestros recounts the odyssey of an American cowboy who travels to hell, literally. Expanding the band's classic trio with piano, strings and winds, the group evokes a retro atmosphere, side by side between rockabilly and surf rock dealer.

In a brief period, taking into account the complexity of the project and the intensity of the story, Thes Siniestros condenses multiple styles and climates, such as when the ballad "Hell" dilutes the pace, or when the landscape changes by the Mexican American to the passage of Tex-Mex "Devil King."

Crossing Spanish with full sentences in English and not even half time to give breath to the voices from one track to another, the band manages to draw a story fast, fun flying and running through St. Louis, Memphis and the coast. We see that the road to hell is longer than many portray it ...


Vida De Cactus
El Carnal
Campos De Satán
Cruz Caudillo
El Infierno
Diablo Rey
El Patrón
Viaje Por Los Campos
Encuentro Con El Malo
Viva Las Heras!
El Crack Del Balonpié
Caballo Negro
El Tuerto
El Forastero

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