Saturday, January 16, 2010

Get Your Wiggle On With The Woggles

The Woggles
The Zontar Sessions
Ripped @ at stormin' 320+
***Don't let the sedate scene on the cover fake you out. This is another  amped-up set by The Woggle's. If you don't know them already, get ready for some brash and rowdy R&R and a great time.
Biography by Mike DaRonco

Drawing their inspiration from the raw nostalgia of '60s rock, the Woggles added their own hybrid of surf, R&B, rockabilly, and blues upon their 1987 formation. Based out of Athens, GA, the band eventually released a handful of EP on Zontar, Estrus, and Lance Rock Records between 1990 through 1993, Estrus Records packaged the bands first full-length, Teen Dance Party, in 1993. Following the Zontar Sessions album a year later on Estrus, Telstar Records put out the Woggles third full-length, Get Tough!, in 1997, amongst another batch of 7"s in between. The mini-album Wailin' with the Woggles came out on One Louder Records the following year.


1 I Got Your Number 
2 I'm Gonna Make You Mine 
3 Carnivore 
4 Flash Flood Holton 
5 Hi Hi Pretty Girl 
6 No Reason to Complain 
7 Kudzu Creep 
8 Graveyard Woman 
9 Frosty 
10 I'm the One 
11 King of Kicks 
12 Come On 
13 You Belong to Me 
14 See the Cheetah (At the Hangout)

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