Saturday, January 09, 2010

It's Island Time

Trojan Calypso Box Set


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This might not all be classic calypso, by any means, with several tracks coming from the Supersonics (essentially the Skatalites in a slightly different incarnation, later in the '60s) and the focus decidedly more on Jamaica than calypso's real home of Trinidad. But there's some great stuff from Lord Kitchener and a little Lord Invader to spice things up, including one of his English pieces, "Teddy Boy Calypso," which advocates harsh treatment for juvenile delinquents. "Not Me" is a take on the classic calypso "Man Smart, Woman Smarter," but without the rough power of the original. Like most calypso, there are plenty of topical subjects, now long out of date, like "Undemocratic Rhodesia," illustrating the fact that calypso was very much a form of news and commentary on politics and social events. And while the Maytals and Derrick Harriott were never calypso figures, there's enough here to make it worthwhile. Even the non-calypso music has value, and an association of some kind, to the genre. If it's the real classic songs you're searching for, you won't really find many of them here. But if you have those and you're looking to expand your calypso collection, you could do a lot worse than explore this.


1 The Weed (aka Man Pyabba) Count Lasher

2 Love in the Cemetary Lord Kitchener

3 Big Bamboo Lord Creator

4 Jamaica Is the Place to Go Binger, Charlie & His Quartet

5 Get Me to the Church on Time McCook

6 The Valet Nora Dean7 Woman a Love in the Night Time Lord Spoon

8 Do-Re-Mi Mighty Vikings

9 Skillamy Yen, Aston

10 Nice Time Phyllis Dillon

11 In the Park Lyn Taitt

12 Our Time fe Celebrate Derrick Harriott

13 Great '68 Moore, Marva & The Gaysters

14 Bam Bam Maytals

15 Bam Bam Count Lasher & Williams

16 Jamaica Woman Lord Kitchener

17 Savito Undergrounds

18 Neighbour, Neighbour Lord Kitchener

19 Must Get a Man Nora Dean

20 Mufridite Williams

21 Country Gal Binger, Charlie

22 Paint Up, Clean Up Time Lord Creator

23 The World on a Wheel David, Lord Spoon

24 Happy Times Derrick Harriott25 Hard Time Count Alert, Lyn Taitt

26 Reggae Merengue McCook, Tommy

27 Dumb Boy & the Parrot Lord Cristo

28 Village Ram Mighty Sparrow

29 Teacher Teacher Mighty Dougla

30 The Sausage Baldhead Growler

31 Muhammad Ali Mister Calypson

32 Undemocratic Rhodesia Sampson The Lark

33 Kitch, You So Sweet Lord Kitchener

34 A Dash of the Sunshine Lord Tanamo

35 Calypso War Mighty Terror

36 Me One Alone Lord Invader

37 The Water Gobbler Lord Ivanhoe

38 Not Me (aka Man Woman, Woman Smarter) Bowers, Ben

39 Brownskin Girl Mighty Terror

40 You Don't Need Glasses to See Lord Invader

41 Belinda Lord Ivanhoe

42 Heading North Mighty Terror

43 I'm Going Back to Africa Lord Invader

44 Africa, Here I Come Lord Ivanhoe

45 Little Jeannie Mighty Terror

46 Naughty Little Flea Bowers, Ben

47 Mahalia, I Want Back My Dollar Lord Invader

48 Lift the Iron Curtain Lord Ivanhoe

49 T.V. Calypso Mighty Terror

50 Teddy Boy Calypso (Bring Back the Cat-o-Nine) Lord Invader


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