Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Today The Invasion Of Greece, Tomorrow The World!

Yes, it's finally happened. I've just received the above notice from GSD (Greek Surf Demon) that Greece has been invaded by the truly horrorifying Trustar Vibrations stickers that have plagued the state of Georgia and the Huntington Beach California area. Though they put up a valiant fight, they were doomed from the start. If you are inclined to reek havoc in a similar fashion in your own country, province, neck of the woods, hit the email in the profile. We will do our best to help spread this scourge like wildfire. Be the first one on your block to sport one of these babies on your car, locker, surfboard, Lear jet or toilet seat. All your friends will say "WTF?"
While supplies last.
(p.s. The above artwork was put together by my friend Antonis (GSD) and NOT the TV sticker. It is pretty cool though.)


Brandonio! said...

Now that's a fan man!

Anonymous said...

afterwards the destruction...
simply I seat in my room
with light drinks and cigarettes
hearing the spanish surf waves
& look at the moon...hello BRANDONIO!


Anonymous said...

what email address.
it's not there

Trustar said...

Click onto complete profile.