Monday, February 16, 2009

Howlin' At The Moon

The Coyote Men

2 Sides Of The Coyote Men


Ripped at a Hip 320

Clad in matching mobster-noir suits and Mexican wrestling masks, Newcastle, England punks the Coyote Men debuted with the ultra-limited Headin' for Trouble (reissued, along with the subsequent EP Call of the Coyote Man!, on Estrus' The Coyote Men Vs. El Mundo). The group's sophomore LP, Two Sides of the Coyote Men, followed in 1999.

  1 I Swing  

  2 That Ain't No Lie

  3 Sure You Can Move  

  4 Action Slacks

  5 Damn Right  

  6 My Kinda Stuff

  7  Mystery Track 

  8 Escape from Perugia

  9 Keep It Dirty

  10 Loaded Hood  

  11 Born to Bruise

  12 Who Rattled Your Cage?  

  13 Mullet Man