Friday, February 06, 2009

Feelin' A Bit Bitchy Today

Bitch Boys

Behind The Hound Dog Walls ( 1 Cup of Coffee, 2 Six Packs and 3 Broken Strings)


Ripped at a Bitchin' 320 for your headbangin' pleasure.

The Bitch Boys have been popping up alot on my eternal life shuffle of late. Had to put it out for you all again.

We're The Bitch Boys, first Slovene instro surf band. We were formed in 1999 and recorded many demos , promos and albums from that day + appeared on many prestige surf compilations (REVERB CENTRAL) like Gnarly Reef, Tottaly Tubular, Locos Instrumentales... BTW Our album "...In Heat" was announced as " ever instru surf band ever by a modern surf band..." at PIPELINE MAGAZINE.


From the foursome who tore the Surf Shop apart with their initial release “In Heat”, comes a live, balls-out assault of trad surf. The melodies are firmly intact, the arrangements are intriguingly done and the energy is just about all modern man can take. The artwork is pro stuff and the music takes no prisoners. This is an effort to present the Bitch Boys as they really are, and they succeed very well. We cannot say enough about the music on this remarkable CD. Every department that the surf fan is interested in is well represented here, and repeated listenings only get more enjoyable. Here’s the catch; there are only 100 (or less) of these on this planet. This is serious tuneage and we recommend it whole-heartedly!

1. James Bond Theme
2. The Final Ride
3. Mach One
4. Batman Theme
5. Na Golici
6. Wipe Out
7. Chi - Chi
8. Hotbox
9. Bitchoola
10. Misirlou
11. Stay Close To Me
12. Walk Don't Run Mr. Eminem
13. Apache
14. Theme From Magnificent 7
15. Nitrus
16. Devojko Mala
17. Knucklehead
18. The Wedge
19. Bonus Track (Stay Close To Me take 2)



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