Wednesday, June 18, 2008

It Must Be A Wiki Wiki Wednesday!

The Mysterons
Wiki Wiki

Music For Monsters

Herein lies the evidence of a career dedicated to musical grave robbing of the most heinous nature! Amongst the rubble of half eaten go-go girls, charred surf boards, radioactive lava lamps and possessed Tiki idols, a stench of decay will rise up to great you. At that moment, you will know you have entered the realm of The Mysterons. Go further at your own risk!

01. From The Ashes (692 K)

02. The Gristler (4.2 MB)

03. Tiger Boogie (4.3 MB)

04. Rotten To The Core (4.3 MB)

05. Bloodhound (3.6 MB)

06. Super Freak (4.4 MB)

08. Blood Sucker (2.9 MB)

09. The Sleeper Awaits (3.7 MB)

10. Spitfire (3.5 MB)

11. Devil's Ride (4.4 MB)

12. Tail Gunner (4.0 MB)

13. She Devil (7.5 MB)

14. Cold Chicken (6.4 MB)

15. The Tingler (4.3 MB)

17. Into The Night (3.9 MB)

18. Night Of The Ghouls (4.5 MB)

19. Out of the Mist (4.8 MB)

20. Plummi A Go-Go (672 K)



Brandonio! said...

Yikes !!!! What a album cover.I kinda got startled a bit when scrolling down to see your posts.This I will listen to simply because of the album cover.I must say I'm real curious as to what this sounds like.

Dgrador said...

I know these guys. One played in '90s industro-goth band Frontline Assembly.

Trustar said...


You know everybody!

When are we going to hear from The Fiends again?

Have my turntable ready.


Dgrador said...

Well let's see...

I left the Fiends to work on my new band The Living Deadbeats. Marcus has taken over as Bass Fiend. The recordings for the new Fiends album have been shelved while Greg is piecing together the Tribute To Ed Cobb, and they've contributed a track to an upcoming Fuzztones tribute that's being put out by Rudi.

Trustar said...

Good to hear that there is no grass growing under your feet dgrador. Keeping yourself extra busy.

Ready for some The Living Deadbeats!