Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I Feel So....Reverberated!

The 'Verb
Reverberated ... for your Pleasure

Ripped & Gifted by Teisco del Mar

The 'Verb are five well dressed gentlemen who look both ways before crossing a street, always open the door for a lady, never wear white after labor day, and play the reverb drenched surf and beach music of the early 60's with a punk edge and a British beat.

1 The Wrath of the Mercenary
2 Uomini del Pistola
3 Bikini Sunrise
4 Sixty Seconds 'til Sunrise
5 Altantic Waltz
6 Hull Breach reef
7 El Capitan
8 When it Rains...
9 Remeber the Summer
10 Scarlett Fever
11 Boogie at the Beach
12 Surf After Sunset
13 Riverside Drive
14 Order 66
15 All is Quiet at Sweetwater
16 The Mercenary Rides Alone (Into the Sunset)