Thursday, June 19, 2008

Gotta Make It To This One Next Year

Great Lakes Surf Battle

"Who says you have to be on one coast or the other?"

But in Toronto, Canada???????

Several weeks ago I posted the info and flyer about this two day show goin' down. One of the rabid readers out there made the happening and graciously sent me the file for the CD that was sold at this mega freshwater extravaganza. I hearby pass it upon all of you not in the center of North America.

Let there be Surf on the Lake!!

1 Robots - Ride The Surf
2 Eradicators - Love Or Money
3 Blue Demons - Nice Tits
4 Von Drats - Malaguena
5 Z Rays - Number Nine
6 Lorrainas - Rectified
7 Von Drats - Church Key
8 Blue Demons - Cougar Country
9 Burnin' Sands - Typhoon
10 Robots - Stinkey Juliens
11 Blue Demons - Pussy Whipped
12 Mysteron & The Demons - Wolfman
13 Reverb Syndicate - Lunar Attack
14 Burnin' Sands - Big Boss
15 Eradicators - Friends & Enemies
16 Von Drats - Wild Weekend
17 Aquaholics - Super Bee
18 Calrizians - Call Me Evil
19 Robots - Robots Rock
20 Treblemakers - Exploding Bikers From Hochelaga
21 Blue Demons - Beatnik Bandit
22 Mysteron & The Demons - Mindreader
23 Tabernacos Surfers - Hot Rod
24 Eradicators - Whistling In The Desert
25 Treblemakers - The Dentures In Space



garage66 said...

Really,a love affair? Do you like me or the music on my site?
I love your site,and the music you pick out for this site. I like the Treblemakers too. I really don't know you,but I'll bet you love music a lot! I've got some new-er surf things I should post JUST for you...doncha just love the
5,6,7,8's? Those girls are really great live too! Astounding!
garage66/mojo repair shop

Anonymous said...

garage66, found your sites and bagged myself a great copy of the 5,6,7,9's complete with quality scans..excellent! Just love Rock'n Jelly Beans artwork. Regards Al.Zombie