Monday, April 07, 2008

What More Could You Ask For

Hillbilly Soul Surfers
Hot Damn BoBo

"Hillbilly Soul Surfers guitarist Sherman LeRoi wrestles a drool-worthy array of retrophilic gear, including a Guitorgan, a plastic Hagstrom, all the right Fender amps, plus stand alone reverb units and a Leslie. He knows how to use it - the L.A. combo's debut, Hot Damn BoBo, is a pornocopia of sexy period tones, all glistening with honest low wattage amp sweat. LeRoi and company live up to their name, adding rockablilly and '60s Memphis soul seasonings to the surf stew. They rely heavily on familiar cover tunes but freshen them with clever stylistic shell games, tearing through a rockabilly-fueled 'Pipeline' with Cliff Gallup panache and reinventing 'Penetration' as Steve Cropper and the MG's might have played it."

1. Maelstrom
2. Cha-Wow-Wow
3. Hillbilly Pipeline
4. Soul Penetration
5. Scooter Trash
6. Beyond The Reef
7. The Munsters
8. Country Polka
9. Mo-Hair
10. Scratchin' n' Twistin'
11. Hawaii Tatoo
12. Bien Tranquilla
13. Miserlou
14. Renegade
15. Wild Kingdom


Toxxy said...

Thx a lot T, I just know I'm gonna enjoy this one :-)

Trustar said...

It's got everything you need!

Thanks for dropping by tox.
Things have been much to quiet the last several weeks. I can always count on you and brandonio to let me know the comments link still works. (8>)>

Hope all is well with you.