Thursday, April 17, 2008

From The Left Coast, And Gone

Pollo del Mar
The Golden State

by Richie Unterberger
Pollo Del Mar may offer a familiar bag of instrumental surf music tricks on The Golden State, but it's a well-executed and versatile one. Wavering bent notes, quasi-Latin minor-key melodies, a mauling of a standard ("Hall of the Mountain King"), a touch of Davie Allan menace, gentler stuff with a tone that's both searing and serene ("As Above, So Below"), basic good-time chug, even hints of reggae and polka rhythms — all this and more are here. The guitars conjure an admirable arsenal of tones and textures, from sirens and lonely pinging riffs to earthquake-rumbling bass. There's not much else to say about what they do, but what they do they do with efficiency, varying the mood more than many another retro-surf combo. Other than "Hall of the Mountain King," everything's original save for one other rather off-the-wall cover choice, the Clash's "Charlie Don't Surf."

1 7 Sisters, 7 Seas
2 A Flash of Green
3 Red Asphalt
4 Dripping Springs TX
5 Bottom Feeder Boogie
6 Mare Amniotica
7 Hall of the Mountain King
8 Magyara
9 Ubik
10 As Above, So Below
11 Charlie Don't Surf
Link removed today at bands request.
Check and for copies of the real deal. Thanks


Mr X said...

Yeees been waiting for this one, one of the few recent albums I aint got. I have purchased their albums in the past (now unavailable I think) so this is sweet.

RYP said...

hey trustar,
thanks for the goood stuff as always!
great cover artwork of this...

Trustar said...

Received a very nice note from Ferenc of Pollo del Mar, who asked me to kindly remove this album from the blog. Our aim is to always comply with any artists requests to remove their work from these pages.

With all respect, I have done so. Sent him a note back to say hi and that I am looking forward to seeing Pollo del Mar in the 2008 Huntington Beach Surfin' Sundays concert series.


Xtabay said...

Ah the vagaries of the digital life had this for about 2 days and then had a hard drive meltdown and lost last three months downloads oh well at least I had a listen and well worth a purchase.